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body scan

by Irina Raskin

What is a body scan?

Especially in the context of this TryAngle in Düsseldorf the association of technical devices interacting with, or examining, the body seems to be quite obviously. But the only technical device Douglas Bateman used for his proposition get-together was a CD. The male, British voice coming out from the speakers invited the participants to lie down with their backs on the floor, make themselves comfortable and close their eyes. Apart from Douglas, Cláudia Gaiolas, Paula Diogo, Jean-Jacques Sanchez and Jasmina Zaloznik followed the instructions. It was a scan from the one inside perspective with each person’s imaginary eye, awaking your consciousness of being connected with the body. The achievement of being in synch with your body for a while, following the instructions, allows you to concentrate on the sensations of the body. This was again accomplished through a combination of relaxing and focusing one’s awareness on his own breathing. Infusing one’s body into the different body parts, the scan began at the toes of the left foot and ended at the head.

The body scan turned out to be a trip, transferring oneself into a state between being asleep and being awake, directing the consciousness to places it usually doesn’t go to. There was an interesting relation between matter (so, body), breath, sensation and imagination happening.  Without a cognitive moment of imagination, you are not able to explore the hidden places and sensations of your body. But if you open up too much within your body, there maybe also the possibility of losing this experience. So it is a very thin line between the different states of consciousness and body. Actually to attain the body scan, one needs a lot of concentration, awareness and relaxation. But even having done it not quite successfully, afterwards one still could feel a little vibrating resonance of the scan within the body. The body scan changed into a body radiation – a good start for the day.